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Research shows that almost 90% of businesses have turned to cloud solutions. 

There are multiple reasons why decision-makers have transitioned away from on-premise servers. 

Our cloud solutions eliminate some of the burdensome processes in running your business.

Additionally, eShield’s cloud solutions enable businesses to scale while keeping within their budgets. 

Cloud solutions have become the gold standard in IT infrastructure, and many advantages continue to drive its efficiency across businesses.

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Cloud Services Benefits

At eShield, our advanced cloud solutions go beyond storage capabilities. 

Other popular services include communication, data monitoring, collaboration tools, and content sharing. 

Your business can connect with clients and employees from various access points with unprecedented ease.



Cloud solutions enable your business to scale IT capabilities without tedious program downloads or hardware installations. 

Your cloud data syncs in real-time, keeping information accurate at all times. 

eShield’s expert team manages every process from a remote location, according to your shifting needs. 

With cloud solutions, you will meet bandwidth requirements every time without the excess cost.


Improved Security

Cybersecurity threats remain a prevalent issue in the modern business world. 

The average cost of data breaches amounts to over $3 billion a year

On-premise systems may lack the latest security features necessary for safeguarding your precious files and data, placing your business at constant risk. 

Alternatively, eShield’s cloud solutions offer encryption technology and other security features that protect your most valuable assets from unauthorized parties. 

Our cloud team provides routine data sweeps and maintenance to minimize vulnerabilities. 

Additionally, with cloud backup storage, data loss will become a thing of the past.


The workforce continues to become increasingly remote. 

Cloud solutions will help your business keep up with the latest workplace trends, providing continuous IT capabilities across time and place. 

You can keep your team well-equipped for optimal performance outside the office.



Cloud solutions are easily deployed and ready for use, unlike conventional on-premise solutions. 

Your team can expect improved cost efficiency with systems set up in a few hours. 

Additionally, cloud solutions usually offer pay-as-you-go payment methods to ensure that you spend on relevant features for improved ROI.

Why Choose eShield as Your IT Partner?

eShield is a leading managed IT enterprise that provides quality cloud solutions catered to businesses of all sizes. 

Our experience in the industry gives us corporate-level knowledge to fulfill the most common challenges local business owners face.

Additionally, we believe in responding to your IT demands without delay—we strive to solve issues in 24 hours or less. 

A powerful cloud solution will prepare your small or medium sized business for the rapidly changing landscape and give you a consistently competitive edge.

Reach out to an eShield specialist today to access comprehensive cloud solutions that will turbocharge your digital transformation.

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