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Reliable VoIP Solutions

With VoIP, you can make calls for a substantially reduced cost, using only an Internet connection. eShield has partnered with GoTo Connect to offer you an easy-to-use VoIP solution allowing you and your team to connect anytime and anywhere.

eShield’s comprehensive VoIP services are budget-friendly, reliable, and designed to facilitate collaboration at your business. No more dropped calls, unintelligible voicemails, or malfunctioning hardware—we understand how important your calling technology is.

Easy Set-Up and Configuration

Our VoIP is easy to set up and get running with no complicated programming language. Our visual editor allows you to configure all your call routing as easily as one, two, three.

Connect and Call From Anywhere

Our VoIP solution works where you want—you can use your desk phone, mobile app, or desktop app to keep connected to your team members. You also get HD video conferencing, so you can collaborate with your team members anytime and anywhere.

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Benefits of VoIP Phone Services



In today’s rapidly changing work environment, VoIP meets the needs of businesses with flexible remote and hybrid work schedules. eShield’s VoIP lets your colleagues call, text, video-conference, and fax remotely while maintaining a professional presence and identity.



VoIP is suitable for both small and medium-sized businesses. Because VoIP is cloud-based, it’s easy to add or remove lines. Our team is happy to help you scale up or down as your business’s needs change over time.



Because VoIP uses the internet, rather than phone lines, it is less costly than yesterday’s analog phone systems. International calls are often free, and it reduces the amount of needed hardware. All your company needs to start its VoIP migration is a broadband internet connection and the trusted guidance of out experts at eShield.



In VoIP’s early days, calls were frequently dropped, voices were garbled, and video-conferencing screens froze. Today’s VoIP is much more reliable, thanks largely to the emergence of high-speed internet at 4G and 5G.



VoIP offers features similar to smartphones and computers. eShield proudly offers GoToConnect VoIP phone systems, which include:

These services are available across any device using Internet Protocol (IP) as well as a stationary VoIP desk unit.

The Future of Communications.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), reports there are currently more than 67 million VoIP users in the U.S. today. That number will continue to grow. VoIP is a key part of unified communications, a rapidly growing market. How rapid? Unified communications are predicted to reach a market size of $32.28B by 2027.

Get the Support You Need

The eShield Difference


A Consultative Approach

eShield brings in executive expertise to analyze a business’s needs, communication pain points and serves each customer independently. In other words: no one-size-fits-all approach with eShield.


Customer-Centric and Responsive

eShield’s customer service team offers fast, expert support. And, when a customer needs assistance with hardware or other issues, an eShield team member will respond quickly.


Superior Reception

No more garbled or dropped calls. eShield prides itself on the crystal-clear quality of its calls, voicemails and videoconferencing. eShield serves the entire Bay Area business community. Contact us today to learn more about how VoIP and eShield can boost your business’s productivity, innovation, customer retention and bottom line.

What do Businesses Get with eShield?

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